Preventive Healthcare


What we do:

E+O bundles health-promoting features into our income-generating housing product, at no extra cost to the customer, and insists that our licensing partners do the same.

Structures include rainwater catchment and clean water filtration, and in areas where appropriate, mosquito netting. In addition, every possible permutation of E+O’s modular housing elements includes cross-ventilation and maximizes natural light. For low-income families, these features are included under the short-term loans provided by the FIs.

Because we recognize that not every family needing safe, health-promoting housing will choose to build an E+O structure, we also provide safe construction workshops that emphasize the importance of ventilation, light and clean water. This training targets not only the builders and their clients, but the housing finance organizations that work with both.


Why we do it:

* Substandard housing costs $50 billion every year in South Asia alone, due to preventable disease and lost productivity.

* Almost 2 million people die annually from illness attributable to indoor smoke from solid fuel cooking.

* Of the four billion cases of diarrhea reported each year, 88% are attributable to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. The resulting deaths account for more than those killed by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

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